5 Helpful Tips If You Are Experiencing an Eye Emergency

Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your identity and contribute to your overall quality of life. Yet, many people don’t put a lot of time into managing them. Sometimes, accidents happen, causing significant damage to the tissues in and around the eye. In other cases, a sports-related injury may occur. Whenever an injury occurs to the eye, it’s critical to know what to do to preserve your eye health. Here are five things to do when you have an eye emergency.

#1: Recognize a true eye emergency and get help for it

Eye emergencies are more common than you may realize. They include chemicals in the eyes, foreign objects in the eyes, and any type of trauma that happens to the eye or the eye socket. You can also turn to a medical team for help with any cut or scratch on the eye. In these types of cases, it is very important that you get immediate help. During normal business hours, contact Dr. Alisha Poonawala, O.D. at Pack Optical for assistance. If it is after hours, it is best to turn to an emergency room for immediate help.

#2: Apply first aid to your eye, but follow these tips

The eye is very sensitive and requires careful attention to preserve its health. If you have a chemical-related injury, do the following:

If there is a foreign object in the eye, first aid includes:

If there’s trauma to the eye, follow these tips:

#3: Know how to react if the eyes have a scratch or cut

The tissue of the eye is very delicate, and scratches can occur very easily. If you believe that your eye has been scratched, your first step should be to use a damp, clean cloth to wipe the eye. Do not apply any pressure to the eye during the process. If pain remains, apply a cold compress. If it continues, contact your eye doctor.

#4: No matter what, don’t rub

Even if it feels as if something is stuck in your eye, the last thing you want to do is to rub it. Rubbing the eye rubs the foreign object further into the tissue. Though it may seem like a natural reflex, avoid this. Instead, blink. The eye has the natural ability to flush itself clean of particles.

#5: If you’ve been hit in the eye with a ball, get immediate help

Because of the location of the eye, it is possible that trauma from a ball or another object hitting into the eye socket can cause swelling in the brain. That’s why it is so important for you to be seen by an emergency room doctor. He or she can perform an X-ray to ensure you are safe.

Do you need an eye appointment?

When you contact Dr. Alisha Poonawala at Pack Optical, you can expect fast, reliable help for your eye health. If you are facing a medical emergency, however, we encourage you to head to your nearest emergency room. For all other eye-related problems, contact us now or request an appointment with our team.

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