Eye Care Myth That Is Not True: Private Practice Is More Expensive When Ordering Contact Lenses

March 31, 2020

Where have you been buying your contact lenses? Online access has greatly improved in the past several years. That is why anyone can just purchase anything, including contact lenses, online. It is an attractive offer especially when you have the product delivered straight to your door. Even so, should you forget the rapport between you and your optometrist, and keep purchasing lenses online? Let us discuss why you should buy contact lenses from your optometrist.


Expertise and Personal Connection

You might get quick transactions online, but you won’t get the professional advice and the rapport you get from your eye specialist. An optometrist’s goal is to help you see clearly and maintain your eye health with the greatest amount of comfort as possible. Part of this professional’s duties is to know every patient and talk to them one-on-one about their eye health. Online sellers just sell their items. They do not have personal connections with their customers at all. If you want to get contact lenses accompanied by an assurance that they will help you see optimally, you should get them from your optometrist all the time. You’re buying something that will help your eyesight, so it is better to get it from your eye expert.



While it is true that online stores promise unbelievable deals and low prices, you actually spend more by the time you click on “Place Order”. When you go to your optometrist’s office and purchase your lenses there, your eye care expert can get special rebates for you. By the end of your checkup, your costs are cut significantly. Online shops are usually oblivious to the rebates and if they are aware of them, they would just ask you to get the rebates on your own. Most people don’t even know how to redeem rebates.

You will always get better eye care and deals on contact lenses from your optometrist. We, at Pack Optical, offer great rebates and free shipping of your contact lenses. We also provide only the top brands for contact lenses — Acuvue, Air Optix, Proclear, and PureVision 2. If you want more information about our contact lenses or if you want to set an appointment, please call us at (817) 527-9900. You can also visit our clinic at Fort Worth, Texas, for a walk-in consultation.

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