The 3 Types of Types of Astigmatism and How to Correct Them

Astigmatism is a common refractive error that develops when the shape of one or both corneas is irregular. If you have astigmatism, it can usually be corrected with the proper treatment. However, in order to treat astigmatism properly, you must first understand which type of astigmatism you may have.

Why does astigmatism cause vision deficits?


When a cornea has an irregular shape, your eye is not able to focus light on the retina properly. This causes your vision to become blurry or otherwise distorted. For some patients, astigmatism is present from birth. For others, the condition develops over time and doesn’t cause vision problems until later in life. Astigmatism can occur regardless of whether you are nearsighted or farsighted.

What are the different types of astigmatism?


A normal cornea has a round, symmetrical shape. The meridians of the normal cornea, which are the horizontal and vertical diameters, have similar curves. When the meridians curves are not symmetrical, astigmatism is the result.

Three primary types of astigmatism may develop myopic astigmatism, hyperopic astigmatism, and mixed astigmatism. The type of astigmatism is determined based on the affected meridian or meridians.

Myopic astigmatism occurs when one or both principal meridians are nearsighted. If both meridians are affected, one will be affected to a greater degree. In hyperopic astigmatism, one or both meridians are farsighted. As with myopic astigmatism, if both meridians are affected, one will be affected to a greater degree. Mixed astigmatism occurs when one meridian is nearsighted and the other meridian is farsighted.

Diagnosis and treatment


If you suspect that you may have astigmatism, you should make an appointment at Pack Optical to confirm the diagnosis. Dr. Poonawala can perform an in-depth exam to determine whether astigmatism exists, and what type you have. Based on this information, she will be able to prescribe the appropriate corrective lenses or contacts to eliminate the symptoms and give you a clear vision. 

Pack Optical offers both accurate diagnosis and effective treatment to patients with astigmatism, as well as other conditions. Please call our office today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services. You can also schedule an appointment using our online booking tool.

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