Tips and Tricks on How to Not Fog Your Glasses While Wearing a Face Mask

July 31, 2020

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, COVID-19 can be spread even by asymptomatic people who do not know that they are infected. That is why everyone must practice social distancing and wear face masks in public settings. Experts agree that masks help keep people who have COVID-19 from unknowingly transmitting the virus to others.



Easy Ways to Keep Your Glasses Fog-Free


If you wear glasses, wearing a face mask can be a bit of a nuisance. It can cause your lenses to fog, thus making it difficult to see. Having to remove your glasses to wipe them clear now and again is an infection risk. So, it’s critical to prevent or lessen the misting of your lenses. Here’s how you can lift the fog from your glasses while wearing a face mask.


Wash your eyeglasses. Before wearing your glasses, clean the lenses with lotion-free soap or regular dishwashing liquid and clean water. Shake off the excess liquid or gently wipe the water off with a microfiber cloth. The soap leaves behind a thin film that helps reduce surface tension. This substance keeps the fog from sticking to your lenses.


Adjust your eyeglasses for a snug fit. Push your glasses forward on your nose. If it has nose pads, you may tweak them so that the frames sit slightly farther from your face. This allows more air to circulate, thus keep your warm breath from fogging up your lenses.


Fit your face mask to your face. When putting on your face mask, pinch the cover over the bridge of your nose, so it fits comfortably. If your mask allows it, try tightening the sides for a good fit. If not, you can twist the loops once over your ears instead to put a little bit of downward pressure on your mask’s top part. This helps redirect your warm breath from flowing up into your glasses.


Close the gap by taping it down. If your face mask is still not snug enough, tape it down around the bridge of your nose. You can create a seal by using an adhesive bandage or medical tape. Do not use tapes that aren’t designed to be used on the skin like duct tape. If you have sensitive skin, this tape can cause irritation.


Shop around for anti-fogging solutions. If all else fails, you may use anti-fogging spray or cream on your lenses for long-lasting effects. These are widely available in many optical shops and drugstores. Before buying one, just ensure that the ingredients will not damage any protective coatings on your lenses. If you are thinking of getting a new pair of glasses, consider lenses with a permanent anti-fogging layer.


It may take several more attempts to get used to wearing your glasses and face mask. With the easy tips and tricks mentioned above, your glasses should stay fog-free while wearing a face mask. Are you looking for more ways to avoid fogging your lenses? Visit Pack Optical today in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at (817) 527-9900 to make an appointment.

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